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At Jumpseller we focus on providing a comprehensive service that allows you to sell online in the simplest way and without technical complications. That is why when you subscribe you do not have to think about acquiring a hosting service or buying a domain elsewhere! You also do not pay anything more than the amount of the plan, without additional commissions.

Our plans a built to work with a variety of businesses. Here we will tell you the differences between the Jumpseller Plans so you can decide which one to choose for your Online Store!

The differences between the Basic and Plus

The differences between Plus and Pro

The differences between the Pro and Premium

  • Premium Plan allows to have domains ( associated with a language (Spanish).

  • Premium Plan allows you to send emails (sales orders) from your personalized email address (eg. instead of

  • Premium Plan allows you to give customizable administrative roles to your work team.

  • Premium Plan allows you to add custom filters like Size, Color and Brand.

  • Premium Plan allow you to have search autocomplete on your store, to give a better shopping experience to your customers.

The differences between the Premium and Advanced


Do Basic, Plus, Pro or Premium plans include personalized email accounts (eg No, Jumpseller is not an email provider. However you can stay with our servers to use a service like Zoho Mail, Exchange, Gsuite (Gmail) among others, check our tutorial for more information on how to install each one.

How many domains can I host simultaneously in my Jumpseller plan?

  • Basic: 1 domain
  • Plus: 2 domains
  • Pro: 5 domains
  • Premium: 10 domains
  • Advanced: 10 domains

Is it safe for my client to buy at my Jumpseller store?
That’s right, with all the plans your store has an SSL certificate. This certificate encrypts all the data of your site so that they can make secure transactions such as purchases through the payment options that you have available. In fact, the means of payment require this in an eCommerce store to integrate the service, we by meeting these standards we save this entire process.

What is the bandwidth / storage limit in any plan?
There is no bandwidth limit (download or upload) or storage limits. You can upload the amount of files you need for your store, including unlimited images for your products.
For normal stores, which sell physical products, with images and text, there are no associated bandwidth costs. For stores that sell digital products, such as music and video, the cost of storage and transfer must be taken into account in your subscription plan.

Storage pricing
The price below is based on data uploaded and saved in your Jumpseller store:
+ Up to 10GB storage = Free (most stores)
+ 10GB storage = 1USD / month
+ Storage 100GB = 10USD / month
+ 1000GB Storage (1TB) = 120USD / month

Data transfer (bandwidth)
The price below is based on data transferred “out” of Jumpseller (downloaded):
+ Up to 10GB = Free (most stores)
+ Up to 100GB = 0.3USD / per GB
+ Up to 1000GB (1TB) = 0.2USD / per GB
+ Up to 10000GB (10TB) = 0.15USD / per GB
+ Up to 100000GB (100TB) = 0.1USD / per GB

Can I start with a low plan and then upload when I need it?

Yes, in fact, it also works the other way around. There are no contracts that tie you to a plan or use Jumpseller. Simply change your plan in the administrative panel of your store and go.

I already have a domain I can assign it to my store in Jumpseller?

Yes, there is no problem in doing so. You can assign it according to the instructions in our article. If you have more problems, you can write us at any time if you think it escapes your hands.

If something should happen in my Jumpseller store, do you have backups?

Yes, we only do it in extreme cases and for reasons beyond the control of the user (owner of the store), it is not something we often do. If the customer has problems due to changes in his store due to improper handling of the code then he should contact our support channel because in some it is necessary to make a payment to recover from the database to a stable point.

What does Jumpseller offer me under their plans?

A series of administrative tools and techniques that allow you to sell online without advanced knowledge of code or infrastructure, in addition to this we give you a personalized support in which we focus a large part of our resources as a company, that way you are never alone during and after of the creation of your store.

Can I put together my own plan?

No, if you want a function included in a plan, you must acquire that plan. At the moment you cannot customize the plans tailored.

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