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Customer Accounts

Customer Accounts are essential for a personalized shopping experience in your Jumpseller store. By logging in, customers can view their order history, order status, and pre-fill their address and billing information for faster checkout. They can also update their email address at any time.

Advantages for Customers

Creating a personal account in your store offers several benefits for customers:

  • Faster checkout process
  • Ability to save multiple delivery addresses
  • Easy access to purchase history

Managing Customer Accounts for Sellers

As a seller, Jumpseller provides you with tools to manage Customer Accounts effectively. You can gain insights into your customers’ purchases, personal information, and shopping behaviors.

For more advanced segmentation and targeted marketing strategies, explore our Customer Filters documentation. This feature allows you to refine your marketing efforts and customer engagement by applying specific filters to your customer base.

Accessing Customer Information

In the Customer section of the Admin Panel, you can view:

  • Personal information: Name, email address, location, billing information
  • Order information: Number of orders, status, payment method, client type (guest or registered), and purchase amount

Creating Customer Categories

You can categorize your customers for better management and targeted marketing strategies. This is particularly useful for B2B customers with specific needs.

Steps to Create a Category:

  1. Go to the Customer section in the Admin Panel.
  2. Click the Create Category button and name your category (e.g., Wholesalers, Spanish Customers).

Customer Login Options

Configure how customers interact with the checkout process:

  • Disabled: Checkout available to all store visitors.
  • Optional: Customers can register post-checkout.
  • Required: Only approved registered customers can checkout.

Business Usages

Design Customization Using Liquid Conditions

Tailor your store’s design based on customer categories using Liquid templating language.


{% if customer.category == 'wholesaler' %}
<!-- Custom layout for wholesalers -->
<link href="wholesaler-styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
{% else %}
<!-- Default layout for other customers -->
<link href="standard-styles.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">
{% endif %}

On this example you can load a different layout based on the customer category. Contact our support team for help if you wish to adapt your store based on the type of customer.

Quantity-Based Promotions

Encourage bulk purchases by offering discounts based on product quantity and customer category. By creating non cummulative promotions with minimum conditions you can encourage bulk purchases, since on non-cummulative promotions the one with more discount applies, you can create rules like this:

  • Buy more than 20 units and get 2% discount
  • Buy more than 40 units and get 5% discount
  • Buy more than 100 units and get 10% discount

This way, if a customer buys 10, they will not get a discount, but if they buy 25, they will get 2%, if they buy 50, they will get 5%, and if they buy 200, they will get 10%. Read more about it in our promotions article.

Email Automations

Jumpseller is more than a site builder, use our own email marketing tool, integrated in all stores by targeting customers by order count, account age, category or more.

Leverage segmentation by using our Customer Filters in conjunction with email automations for more personalized, effective marketing campaigns. Discover how to apply filters for targeted email marketing in our detailed guide.

If you have any further questions you can always contact us.

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