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What’s Included?

Personalized Service

Receive priority support from a dedicated support executive, by phone and WhatsApp

Boost your sales strategy with monthly marketing coaching sessions.

Benefit from automated cross-selling recommendations and Frequently Bought Together products.

Reduce costs with free fulfillment features

Own branding on fulfillment labels creation

Successfully manage high traffic events.

Increased rate limits for API Usage.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes. In fact, if you want to migrate from your current e-commerce solution, we can help you migrate as soon as the contract is signed. Some restrictions might apply.

Even though this plan is based on contracts of one year or more, you can pay month by month.

Yes. In order to help you in the best way, it is necessary to know as much as possible about your company to help you improve e-commerce processes and practices. In the contract there is a confidentiality clause between the company and Jumpseller, so all information is kept discreet.

Each business as each store is different. An exploratory meeting would be held to understand your business needs. Based on that, we will provide advice on how to improve the flow of purchases and later sales. Also, we will periodically (1, 3, 6 months) review the store’s performance with the client and advice will be given based on the sales metrics to make pertinent corrections.

Jumpseller will not provide support or development for external services (integrations for example). There will be no administration, configuration, or operational management in the store. Jumpseller will continue to be a self-managed service and will limit itself to advising on the use and development of electronic commerce. Customization of the store's graphic design is subject to evaluation by the design team through our Jumpdesign services. This will not include brand related designs (logos, banners, etc.).