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Connect with Your Customers using WhatsApp Commerce

Integrate WhatsApp with a Jumpseller store

Set automatic messages

Activate automatic order notifications to be sent to your customers whenever there is a change in the orders status.

Create interactive messages

Create message templates with custom calls-to-action, quick-reply options and reply buttons to send to your customers.

Integrate WhatsApp with a Jumpseller Store

Show your products with WhatsApp

Display product options to customers

Use list messages, allowing your customer to easily buy products by choosing from a list inside your messages.

Increase customer engagement

Add photos, documents and voice recordings to provide more information and value to your messages.

Show Your Products With WhatsApp

Frequently asked questions

The installation of the sales channel is free of charge, however, when sending automatic notificacions through it, a certain amount will be charged. Any of the Jumpseller plans will give you free access to the WhatsApp Sales Channel.

No, it is not necessary to have technical knowledge, since you just need to follow some simple steps to configure the WhatsApp Notifications Sales Channel. You can know more by checking our documentation.

After you connect to the WhatsApp Sales Channel, you can manage conversations and have direct contact with your clients. Click here to learn more.

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