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Setting Up Administrator Accounts

Creating new accounts for your online store can be very useful to better manage and distribute the workload. If you feel that being the only user of your store makes it difficult to manage everything, and you need help from your employees, then this is a good solution for you.

This feature allows you to create separate accounts and set the permissions for each one according to your requirements. This way, you keep your account private and secure by not having to share it. With Jumpseller, you can easily create and add accounts to your online store.

In this article, we take you through all the steps to manage your store’s accounts:

Manage Accounts

  1. At the bottom left on the sidebar, click on Accounts. Here, you can see the details regarding the current accounts, their role and permissions. When you create a Jumpseller store, an administrator account is automatically created for the store.

  2. To Create/Add new accounts, click on Create Account button on the top right corner.

  3. In the next step, you will find a page where you must add data with details of the new account.

  4. Once you have filled in all the details, you can select one of the predefined profiles (Administrator, Manager, Designer, Logistics, Courier) or the Customizable profile and select the permissions you want to assign. Note that regardless of the Plan you are subscribed to, you can add Admin accounts, but all other types of accounts require you to be subscribed to the Premium Plan or higher.


  5. Once you’re done, click on the Save button and if you go to the accounts page again, you can see the new account that has been created. When you create an account, the person in whose name the account has been created, will receive an email.

  6. You can log out of your current account and log in to the new account you created to check if everything works.


There are multiple permissions that give access to different sections of side bar on the Admin Panel.

Permission Description
Dashboard Access to the Dashboard Section
Orders Access to the Orders Section
Orders (Read-Only) Read-Only the Orders List
Products Access to the Dashboard Section
Customers Access to the Customers Section
Promotions Access to the Promotions Section
Pages Access to the Pages Section
Languages Access to the Languages Section
Themes Access to the Themes Section
Apps Access to the Apps Section
Settings Access to the Settings Section
Subscription Access to the Subscription Section
Assets Permission to upload any type of Assets (images, file in themes,…)
Categories Access to the Categories Subsection within the Products Section
Navigation Access to the Navigation Subsection within the Themes Section
Payment Methods Access to the Payment Subsection within the Settings Section
Shipping Methods Access to the Shipping within the Settings Section
Accounts Access to the Accounts Section
Hooks Access to the Notifications Subsection withing the Settings Section
Fulfillment Access to the Fulfillment Subsection within the Orders and Settings Section
Fulfillment (App-Only) Access to the Fulfillment Subsection within the Orders, only using the App
Taxes Access to the Taxes Subsection withing the Settings Section
Manifests Access to the Manifests Subsection withing the Orders Section
Permalinks Permission to create and destroy permalinks in products, categories or pages
Domains Access to the Domains Subsection withing the Settings Section
Filters Access to the Filters Subsection withing the Products Section
Contacts Permission to edit the Store Contacts Form
Reviews Access to the Reviews within the Products Section

Important information

  • You cannot delete your own account and change your permissions when you are logged in with your own account.

  • The Access to your store via the Jumpseller API is provided with individual account keys and the keys are generated for each new account.

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