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Jumpseller is a powerful e-commerce platform used by more than 10.000 stores around the globe! Our affiliate program is a risk-free way for you to earn money, all you have to do is to help us spread the word.

Use your unique affiliate link and get at least 3 subscribed stores to receive your payment. We provide full support while you are onboarding your referrals.

Using the Affiliate Link

Add to Your Content

If you create and/or host content, find appropriate sections on your blog articles, emails, podcasts, videos or other types of content to use your affiliate link.

Flexible sections

Configure the general settings of a section and its subsections: you can add, remove or partially hide subsections as you see fit. Define the type of visualization, speed, spacing, colors and much more.

Already a Customer

If you have enjoyed your journey with us you can recommend Jumpseller to your friends and family! They can sign up using your affiliate link.

How it Works

It only takes a few minutes to sign up!

Join us directly - Register with or without a Jumpseller store, we make it easy without approvals.


Get a unique URL and keep track of all your referrals inside our affiliates panel.


Receive 100% of the first 3 monthly payments made by your referrals. That’s it!

If you have any further questions on how to use your affiliate link check our documentation.

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