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Manage Your Order Emails and Notifications

Emails are automatically sent from your store based on the stage of the orders. You can customize these emails: turn them on and off, change the content and design, and define who receives copies of them. To do that, in your admin panel, go to Settings > Emails and press the switch button. By default all emails will come from the address displaying the name of your store. You can change this “from:” email to an existing one exclusivelly on the Premium or above Plans.

On this guide, you will see what are the emails that are triggered by the store and how to configure them.

Emails Types

Transactional Emails

Transactional Emails allow you to automatically send a pre-defined message to your clients when a certain event occurs.

  • New Order: Email sent for every new Order made with a manual payment. It contains the payment instructions. Orders with automatic payments will not trigger this email, they will trigger only the Order Paid email if the payment is successfull. Read more about manual payments.

  • Order Paid: Email sent when an Order is marked as Paid. If the order contains a digital product, it will include a download link. Read more about digital products on this guide

  • Order Shipped: Email sent when an Order is processed for shipping.

  • Order Canceled: Email sent when an Order is marked as Canceled.

  • Abandoned Order Recovery: Email sent when an Order is Abandoned at checkout. (Only available on Premium Plan or higher)

  • Account Enabled: Email sent to the Customer when the Account is enabled.

  • Order Ready to be Picked up: Email sent when an Order is ready to be Picked Up.

Administrator Emails

Administrator Emails allow you to choose which emails will receive information when a specific event occurs in your store.

  • New Contact: Email sent to you when your Customers contact you.

  • Low Stock: Email sent to you when the stock of your Products is low.

  • Payment Notification: Email sent when a theme, domain or service payment is processed.

Abandoned Order Recovery Email

If you have the Premium Plan or higher, you will have the option to activate the Abandoned Order Recovery email. If activated, when the products are in your store’s cart and the order is not completed, emails will be automatically sent to your customers, reminding them to complete the order.

To enable this option, in your store’s Admin Panel, go to: Settings > Emails > Abandoned Order Recovery

Don’t forget to activate “Automatically send this email with all orders”. You can also edit the email message.

Alternatively, you can also use the Recover Abandoned Orders with MailChimp functionality which is available on all plans.

Emails Settings

  • Change email templates: You can alter the design of all of the emails with exception of the “New Contact” using the Email HTML editor. A live preview will be available in case you want to confirm the results of your changes.

Advanced Tip: You can use store variables for orders and ordered products to customize these emails. See more information on this Liquid and HTML guide.

  • Change reply-to address: When customers reply to these automatic email, you will receive it on the email defined as “Contact Email” here:
Contact Email

Advanced Tip: You can also use this value on the HTML of your store, with the liquid tag ‘’.

  • Change who is BCC’d on the emails: By default, the store creator will be BCC’d in all emails. You can change this behaviour by clicking on every email and modifying this field:
Notified Email Addresses

You can add multiple emails by pressing the comma key, the space bar, return or tab after entering an address.

  • Change the email “from:” address to another one: If your store is subscribed to the Premium or above Plans, you can change the email address through which notification emails are sent to your customers. However, there are advantages of using our email as a notification email, namely:
    1. Our domain ( has been certified by Google, since we are a reputed e-commerce software company, thus allowing us to display that extra actions on our emails. When you use your own domain, you lose the Google Mail (Gmail) functionality that allows your order emails to display extra actions and informations to your customer, read more here: y
    2. Our domain ( holds a very good reputation within the email servers, because it has been sending thousands of emails, over the span of many years. It’s very likely that sending emails from new domains will result in having them marked as span for a couple of months.

If you wish to proceed with the change (being aware that you will lose these resources), just contact our support indicating an existing email address to replace We will start a validation process that might take upto one week before applying the change.

Other Notifications

Browser Push Notifications

Push notifications are clickable messages that are sent by a website to their subscribers’ web browser.

The Complete Guide to Website Push Notifications for E-commerce

If a customer places an order and you are logged into your Admin Panel, your web browser will notify you of orders.

Order Notifications

Enable push notifications for orders

You can enable this option in your store’s Admin Panel at Settings > Notifications.

Enable Order Notifications

Webhook Notifications

Every Jumpseller store has the option to communicate with other services or websites whenever an specific event (like an order payment) happens. You can configure these hooks in your Admin Panel: Settings > Notifications. Read more information on the webhooks guide


I cannot receive emails from my store’s Contact Form or Sales Orders. Why?
Due to the great number of emails sent by our email ( spam filters, especially Gmail, might mark them as SPAM. What you should do is:

  1. Add to your List of Contacts
  2. Search for all emails from at your SPAM and marked them as NONSPAM.

Read more about it on Google

My emails are not being sent/ I’m not getting notifications at all? How can Jumpseller’s support help?
There are many reasons for an email not being sent. Firstly, we need to confirm there’s not a problem with your email inbox and use our own email,, to test it out. Please do the following:

  1. On your Admin Panel > Configuration > Email > Orders Paid add to the list of email’s recipients
  2. Create a Test Order with a Manual Payment (like a Bank Transfer) or a real one you prefer
  3. At your Admin Panel > Orders set this New Order’s Status to “Paid”.
  4. Confirm with Jumpseller’s Support that the email “Order Paid” has been received (or not).
  5. If no email is received by Jumpseller we have just confirmed this problem.

I’m not getting notifications when I make a test.
When you make a test using the same email as the one you configured in your admin panel as your default store email, you will not receive a dual notification since the system identifies you as a store owner/admin instead of a customer.

If you have any further questions, you can always contact us.

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