Online Store Dashboard


Keep track of all of your activity

Keep track of all your store activity in one place: visits, orders, referrers and more. And if that's not enough, Jumpseller is integrated with Google Analytics to see how your marketing channels work together to create sales and conversions.

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Online Store Orders


Manage your orders online

Keep track of all of the orders your customers make in your store. See which orders have been shipped, which are pending and easily edit your orders directly from your control panel.

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Online Store Customers


Manage your clients

Keep track of your customers, your store's top buyers and list all orders from each customer. Allow your customers to login at your store so that they do repeated sales and review their order's status.

Online Store Products


Manage your catalogue

Keep track of all your products in the same place, divide them in multiple categories, manage your inventory and add as many pictures and product options as you want.

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Online Store Promotions


Manage your promotions and discount codes

Create promotions or discount codes, for a specific product or category. Make them a fixed price or percentage. Make them expire with the number of uses or at a certain date.

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Online Store Pages


Content manager

Create content to improve your visibility and better inform your customers. Add categories and multiple translations for each page. Manage your content with our powerful interface.

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Multi-Language Online Store


Sell in multiple languages

Translate your content either automatically or manually and sell in multiple languages. Sell in multiple currencies and set different shipping and taxes for different countries and regions. With Jumpseller it's easy to internationalize your store!

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Online Store Settings


Easily manage your store

Customize your store the way you want it. Upload your logo, add a domain, set your payment and shipping options, all within an easy interface, no technical knowledge or manuals needed.

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Online Store Design


Flexible & super easy

You have the option and flexibility to design your own online store the way you like (with full control over all the HTML and CSS). You can start with our default themes and improve and extend them as you need.

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Themes for Online Stores


If you do not want to make your own theme you can use one of our awesome themes. With a small budget you can get professional help from one of our recommended designers and build a 100% personalized theme!

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