Basic and advanced options to customize the checkout experience

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Checkout Steps and Options

On this guide you will learn all of the available settings to customize the checkout process in your Admin Panel: Settings > Checkout.

Tip: Although in many cases we would like to know more about our client, such as age, birthday, how found the store, etc. Increasing the amount of required information on the checkout form increases the pressure for abandonment. Consider asking only that vital information to process the order. After the purchase, you can conduct advertising campaigns requesting more information from the customer.

Add to Cart

Decide what happens when your customer adds a product to the store cart.

Add to Cart Options



  • Stays on the same page: Choose this option if you expect your customer to buy more than one product.
  • Go to cart: Choose this option if you expect your customer to modify the quantity of the product before finishing the order.
  • Go to checkout: Chose this option if you want to sell the product as soon as possible. For example if your commerce only sales one product or your customers usually only need one product.
  • Conditions you can set conditions for checkout. Conditions can be on the Order Amount or the Number of Items in the cart.

Checkout Form

Add extra fields to your form. They can be optional or required.

Checkout System Fields

Contact Information

  • Phone: Some shipping companies might require this field.
  • Customer Accepts Marketing: Use it if you plan to use the customer e-mail for marketing purposes.

Shipping and Billing Addresses

  • Tax Id / Vat Number: NIF, RUT, VAT, Fiscal ID, Tax Identifier, etc.
  • Municipality
  • Postal Code: Can’t be removed. It can be optional.


  • Special Instructions / Additional Information: Creates a text field. Use it if you want your customers to provide additional instructions to the order.

Custom Fields

Create fields to customize the form. They can be added to any of the three sections: Contact Information, Shipping and Billing Addresses or Other.

Checkout System Fields

  • Input: A line of text and/or numbers. Example: Door Number, Company Name.
  • Text: More than a line of text or numbers. *Example: Write Special Note for the recipient**.
  • Option Select: A list of options to select. Example: Type of billing document, type of wrapping.
  • Date: A date field. Example: birth date.
  • Checkbox: Or selection box. Example: I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions. It also accepts HTML to add a link to another page, Example: I have read and accept the <a href="/terms-and-conditions" target="_blank"> Terms and Conditions </a>.

You can also change the text style to Bold, Italics and add in-text links when creating your customised form.

custom fields

Other Options

Digital Products Options

For these options to show, your first have to make sure your store has Digital Products.

Digital Product Settings

  • Maximum Downloads
  • Expiration Time

Order and Cart Abandonment Options

Abandonment Settings


These are limitations of the normal checkout process intended to offer stability to the store. It is possible customize the normal process and enable these features using advanced modifications with Javascript, HTML and CSS.

  • No store pickup functionality. Use free shipping as an alternative.
  • Some fields can’t be removed such as City, Name, Surname, E-mail, Postal Code, Region, Country.
  • Can’t change the name of system fields.
  • Can’t have discounts on payment methods.

Advanced: Checkout Snippets Library

This Library contains scripts with experimental modifications on the Checkout. Use them responsibly, test the checkout process, if you don’t know what you are doing contact a professional.

id Title Description
01 Hide Postal Code Hides the postal code of the Shipping Information. Make sure it is not mandatory on your settings.
02 Hide City Autofills the City with a custom value and then hides the element.
03 Add Product to Cart Add Product to cart based on Checkout Conditions.
04 Phone Standardization Enter only numbers, and restrict the digits quantity.
05 Razón Social/Giro Show or hides billing fields for Chilean companies depending on the value of a select.
06 Min or Max subtotal for your orders Javascript and Liquid based code to for a minimum or maximum subtotal on Checkout.
07 Disable shipping option based on region Define available shipping options based on shipping information (Region).
08 RUT Validation Chilean tax id validation and format.
09 Autocomplete Pickup Location Address If a defined shipping method (Store Pickup) is selected, autocompletes the checkout form with the pickup address.