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Abandoned Orders

Abandonment is a term used in E-Commerce to describe when visitors on a web page leave that page before completing a desired action. Examples of abandonment include:

  • Browse abandonment: Visitor browses the site, viewing products and categories but exits before adding anything to the cart.

  • Cart abandonment: Visitor adds items to their shopping cart, but exit without completing the checkout.

  • Order abandonment: Visitor adds items to their shopping cart, enters the checkout information, selects the payment method, but exits without completing the payment.

There are tools to retarget all of these visitors, offering sales, sending cart reminders or surveys asking why they didn’t complete their order.

Browse Abandonment and some Cart Abandonments can’t be targeted directly, since in most cases the visitor at this point doesn’t give contact information to the store, however using tools like Facebook Pixel and Google Ads you can display ads in other sites to invite them to finish their order.

This guide will show you how to target Order abandonment and Cart abandonment of logged in customers in your Jumpseller Store using our Abandoned Orders feature.

Reasons For Abandoned Orders

To minimize abandoned orders you need to understand what causes them and analyze how you can make corrections/improvements to eliminate/minimize these reasons.

  • Not being upfront about your price.

  • Surprising people with your terms and policies.

  • Adding additional costs towards the end (For example, Hidden Taxes)

  • Not being upfront about the Shipping Rates.

  • Registration required to make a purchase.

  • Checkout process is too long/complicated.

  • Too many distractions at the checkout page.

  • Lack of Payment Options.

  • Website error or credit card declined.

If you have accumulated a large number of abandoned orders, you don’t necessarily need to make drastic changes (although it is good to review your website and check if there are any roadblocks towards visitors completing orders). A certain number of abandoned orders are always expected when you run an online store.

In fact, for online stores, it’s estimated that 65% of the orders become abandoned. On the flip side, abandoned orders can be seen as an opportunity since, after all, these are people who almost completed a purchase on your store, so let us see how to recapture their attention.

When do Orders get the Abandoned status

On your Jumpseller store, an Abandoned Order may be created keeping in mind two scheduling rules that are applied if the abandoned recovery email is enabled.

All cases involve Pending orders that are then converted into Abandoned orders. The expiration conditions are set separately for Automatic payments and Manual payments. As you can see in the image below you have the option to set a time limit for both payment options.


Also, the second expiration time from the settings will be used for Orders without a payment method to create Abandoned Orders. Let’s say there are orders that have an email address and products in the cart but no payment is due (no payment option was chosen at the checkout). Here, again, the time frame to be used to send the recovery email will be the second one i.e 1 week in this case.

For example, with the first option, an order will become Abandoned if the automatic payment does not come through in 1 hour and the order status is Pending by then. The status will change to Abandoned and a recovery email will be sent to the Customer.

In the second case here, the time options are lengthy because the payment methods are manual such as a bank transfer. After 1 week, if the payment is due and the status of the order is not changed from Pending, it will become an Abandoned order and a corresponding recovery email will be sent.

When are Recovery Emails NOT sent

Even if you have enabled the Abandoned Recovery email, there are certain conditions that will prevent an email from being sent to the customer:

  • If a customer creates more than one Abandoned Order in a row, then only one email will be sent to that potential customer.

  • If a customer creates one or more Abandoned Orders, and then completes a sale before the first recovery email is processed, then the email won’t be sent.

  • If a payment processing error occurred when the customer tried to complete their checkout, then the email won’t be sent (In these cases the order will likely be updated to Cancelled with an error, not Abandoned).

  • If none of the products in the Abandoned Order are available for purchase (out of stock, for example), then the email won’t be sent.

  • If the Abandoned order is fulfilled.

Recovering Abandoned Orders with Jumpseller

Once you have optimized your processes, the number of abandoned orders should start to decline. To increase your sales, you should also use a recovery email for abandoned orders. NOTE: This feature is only available for Pro or Premium plan users on Jumpseller.

  1. You can view the Abandoned Orders by going to the Orders section on the admin panel. These orders will receive the recovery email if the Abandon Order Recovery feature is enabled.

    abandoned orders 1
  2. Go to the admin page and click on Emails under Settings on the left sidebar. Once you are there, you will see a button for Abandon Order Recovery email, you can enable or disable this feature from here.

    abandoned orders 2
  3. When you go inside Abandon Order Recovery, you can see the default template that is set for the email to be sent out. You can also Customize this email by going into the Abandon Order Recovery email settings and clicking on Modify the outgoing email.

    default email email edit
  4. Set the schedule for sending this email by setting the pending order expiration time, you can configure the Checkout settings on the admin panel under the Settings section. The time set can differ for manual payments (For example, Bank transfers) and automated payment methods (For example, PayPal).

  5. The only way to go back to the Cart with previously added products (if the stock is still available) is via this email. The email is sent to the customer when the order status becomes Abandoned. A sample of the email sent by the system can be seen in the following image

    abandoned orders 3
  6. You can resend the email manually as well, for that, just go to the Abandoned Orders section and click on the respective order you want to resend the email to, once there, you can scroll down click on the 3 dots on the date the email was sent, and you will see the option for Resend Email.

If you have any questions regarding all of this, you may contact us any time and we will be happy to assist you.

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