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How to Setup Shipping Zones on your Online Store

There are times when you need to specify in your store which shipping methods are the best for a given shipping destination, for example: shipping company “A” may work well for country “Y”, country “Z” and some regions of country “X”, but it is not the best option for your store when expediting orders for countries “D” and “C”. With Shipping Zones you can do this type of management of your Shipping Methods.

How to configure

1. From the Settings menu of your store click on “Shipping Zones”.


2. Create a new shipping zone by clicking on “Create New Zone”.


3. Edit the name to something that best describes this new zone and save.


4. Add the shipping methods that will be used for this new zone.


5. Add the countries, regions or even municipalities (in some countries) where the selected Shipping Methods in this zone will be enabled.


6. Go back to the “Shipping Zones list” and enable your new zone.


7. Check the checkbox above the “Shipping Methods” list to use the Shipping Zones and configure your Shipping Checkout.


8. Your Shipping Zone is now ready to use.

Create a new order and estimate shipping at your Checkout. Only those who are eligible for the selected set of country, region and municipality will have this available for selection.

Examples of cases in which you can implement Shipping Zones

Example 1

There are two ways to deliver your products:

  • For a Region X uses the shipping method: Table of Fees.

  • For Region Y uses a shipping method: Shipping Company.

The customer from Region Y places an order then only the Shipping method should appear: Shipping Company.

How to configure?

1.1. What you should start by configuring is Settings > Shipping Zones, creating a new zone for the different regions. In this case, for Region Y to associate the Shipping Company.

1.2. Then, from Settings > Shipping Zones, activate both the option “Use shipping zones in checkout” as well as all the Shipping Zones you have created.

Example 2

Combination of Checkout Version 2 and the new Shipping Zones functionality

For example, you currently have the following shipping methods defined:

  1. Fixed Rate for Mainland Portugal

  2. Rates Table for Mainland Portugal

  3. Rates for Islands by Airplane: Azores (up to 5 kg) and Madeira (up to 20 kg)

  4. Table of Fees for Islands by Boat: Azores and Madeira (Maximum 20 Kg)

  5. Free Shipping for Pickup at your premises (replaced by our native Pick Up feature at Check-Out V2)

In the Rate Tables, you would have to specify the corresponding regions and simply activating the Shipping Zones, these values will appear depending on the shipping address in your store’s Checkout.

Regarding Point 5 it is replaced by our Pick-Up functionality (Local Pickups) in Checkout V2.

Special Cases for Shipping Tables

Rate Tables implicitly create a shipping zone, as our own tables have their own definition of zones and are active when you only activate Shipping Zones, and the “Other Locations” table will no longer be considered.

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