How to obtain Backlinks to Your Website

SEO tips

To get traffic from search engines without spending money requires your website to rank higher.

To rank higher you need Search Engine Optimization (SEO)!

We start SEO by creating high-quality content in your niche, optimizing pages of the website, having the right keywords, carefully selected titles, meta-descriptions and so on.

Once we have done all that, we need to take care of something that is equally important to improve your ranking, Backlinks.

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The links to your store are important, but not all links have the same value on the Internet.

A link coming from BBC will not have the importance to the search engines that a link coming from a blog that takes very little time creating content.

Therefore, while you need as many backlinks as possible, it is best to reset this goal and say that you need as many good backlinks as possible.

Some of the key elements to determine the value of a link to your store are:

  1. Backlinks of high-traffic and highly important online sites are much more important than those coming from small sites.

  2. New links to your store are much more relevant than those that appear on sites where you've been mentioned before.

  3. If a page has too many links, each will have a lower relative value than a page where there are not many backlinks.

  4. If you want to know more about the authority of your website and the impact that a link from an external website can have, check Website Authority Checker. This tool will give you interesting metrics for your site and you can even compare it with others in the same industry.

Strive to have quality links to your store.

The worst thing you can do is to buy links on low reputation webpages because somehow if you try to manipulate the system, Google or other search engines will know.

With Backlinks, web engines can validate if your webpage is a good answer for a particular search query and if there are people recommending you on external pages.

Remember, search engines like Google are always updating and adapting their algorithms to find which links are real and which are not.

  1. Create content that people want to share: In content marketing, this means creating any kind of content that is useful to an audience, which for its quality, will be shared in their network. This also applies to blogs that find your content and want to share it to their audience.

  2. Press Releases: prepare press releases that you can send to different media talking about your products, new releases or functionalities of your store, although not everyone will write about it. If you are reporting something relevant, someone will write about you.

  3. Backlink from your provider: this technique is very useful and not many carry it out correctly. If you have a supplier that has a website, send the information about your website to put a backlink in the section of partners or sellers. Generally these webpages have many visits, which will increase the quality of the link to your store.

  4. Write articles as guest author: If you know a lot about an e-commerce related topic or related to your products, offer to write articles in blogs or online magazines, and in this way, you can incorporate links to your store, since you can occupy it as a success story for the theme that you are talking about.

  5. There are people who can write about your products: A very common way to generate backlinks but which often is not easy to achieve. If you have contacts in relevant newspapers, blogs or online magazines, get an author to write about your products or your website. Have a file ready with all the information he or she might need to write your article.

To start, you'll want to familiarize yourself with the blogs in your niche and check their relevance and reach. For some time getting to know the authors and how they write their posts and manage to remain visible.

Important Tools

  1. Check My Links

  2. Broken Link Builder

  3. Whitespark