Prepare Your Online Business for International Sales

These are the important issues to consider when taking your business to the global arena! International e-commerce offers huge potential for growth. If you are willing to put in the hard work, the world could be your oyster.

Prepare Your Online Business for International Sales

Long-term customer loyalty is the holy grail of almost every business out there. But when it comes to winning this loyalty for your international e-commerce service, marketing translation alone isn’t enough.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why localization services are essential when it comes to earning international customers’ loyalty.


Why is winning international customers’ loyalty through marketing translation so important?

First, some context. The World Bank has forecast a baseline global GDP contraction of 5.2% in 2020, with per capita income shrinking in most emerging and developing economies. That’s a major blow to many e-commerce businesses.

What can companies do to shore up their finances in the face of this? Those already used to selling online certainly have options available to them, with one of the most interesting being to build up an international customer base.

With any such venture, the business’ approach to customer care can have a significant impact. As such, those looking for long-term success need to focus on winning international customers’ loyalty. How? Through marketing translation and localization services.

Using localization services to engage with international customers

There are several steps to success when it comes to international customers. The first is market research. You’ll need to understand your local markets thoroughly in order to assess what is likely to work and what isn’t when it comes to your marketing campaigns.

You can use marketing translation services to assist with the research, as well as to help you build a localized marketing strategy that shines.

We keep mentioning localization. What does a localization specialist do? In short, they help to shape and mould marketing materials to suit specific audiences’ needs. The idea is that the localized materials will feel as though they were created for the particular audience that is reading/watching them.

The localization process takes in everything from imagery and design to practical details like currency symbols and date and address formats. It also helps adjust translated copy to fit the target culture, as well as the target language. Localization services take marketing translation to the next level.

The importance of website localization for international e-commerce sites

A key element of winning international customers’ loyalty is website localization. International e-commerce platforms can live or die by the user experience they provide.

Ofer Tirosh, CEO of translation agency Tomedes, explains that website localization provides a laser focus on the user experience of a particular audience.

It ensures everything from readability through to usability, along with visual design, has been shaped to suit users in that location. As such, website localization is an integral part of any international e-commerce strategy.

International e-commerce website localization is potentially one of the most rewarding localization services that a business can use.

The more intuitive the site is to use, the more likely customers are to buy from it. A website that offers the goods they need, in their local language and in a format that looks and feels safe and easy to use is likely to keep customers coming back time and again, thus helping international e-commerce platforms to build loyal lasting relationships.

Building lasting loyalty through marketing translation

We’ve focused on website localization as a specific area of marketing translation, but it is far from the only way to drive up international customer loyalty. What are some examples of translation?

When it comes to marketing, they can include everything from leaflets and brochures to social media campaigns.

Marketing translation really comes into its own when it comes to social media. Again, localization services are crucial here.

Connecting with customers in a meaningful and culturally appropriate way in the live forum that social media provides can be quite the challenge for those without an in-depth understanding of the target audience.

Your messages need to be spot on in terms not just of their spelling and grammar, but also their tone and phrasing.

Some cultures will appreciate a more casual tone; in others that would convey a lack of professionalism. Marketing translation can help you get these right for each different audience.

Whichever methods you choose to use, ensure that your marketing translation supports your international e-commerce business to provide good service, attention to detail and respectful interactions.

These form the foundation of customer loyalty in any language. Of course, you’ll also need products that enhance customers’ lives in some way, a sound reason to keep consumers coming back for more and a stellar sales team.

Ultimately, customer loyalty is about making those who buy your products feel like they’ve bought into something special that delivers excellent value for money, regardless of its price point.

If you can use marketing translation services to achieve this – through market research, website localization, social media engagement and more – then you should be well on the way to building up a loyal, long-term international clientele.

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