The number of people who use social networks is increasing as a part of their daily lives and many prefer to interact, in addition to their friends, with brands for these new digital social media. That is why social networks have become an option that brings great advantages for companies thinking about promoting a product or online store and can be the way to get the first customers quickly and cheaply.

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Social SEO

This is a relatively new trend given the growth of social media and the adaptation of search engines to incorporate the information created in these portals into their search results. The social SEO contemplates the fusion of the web positioning and social media, that is to say, the creation of content optimized in social networks so that it is found by the search engines and indicated in search results. Therefore, it consists of using the potential of social networks to improve the positioning of your online store by applying SEO techniques. Taking into account a study by Search Metrics, we can observe that out of the main factors that are taken into account for the search results positioning, the first are directly related to SEO Social, being Google+ the most important (makes sense considering that Google is the most important search engine).

Advantages of this strategy.

Thanks to recent updates from Google and its new commitment to quality content and social networks, we can say that some of the advantages of performing social SEO are:

Improved sales: Just as a good content marketing strategy will make more people visit your site, it will also bring social interactions (Retweets, mentions, Likes, +1, etc.) and your relevance in social networks also increases, causing people to follow your profiles and viewing what you share (news, offers, new products, etc.), which provides more sales opportunities

Improve your reputation on social networks: Having a profile that is optimized and in sync with your site creates more confidence to your customers, giving a more professional and fresh image

Relevance in search engines: All the added traffic and social relevance translates into an increase in the visibility and authority of the website in Google, Bing and other search engines

Here's a series of tips that will allow you to improve your organic search engine positioning by SEO optimization in social networks:

Choose carefully the social networks to use, know your "Buyer Persona".

Many entrepreneurs think that if you have an online business you have to be on all social networks, but this is not true. The first thing you have to do is recognize who your customers are, where they live, how their day to day life is, how old they are, and so on. So, with this "Buyer Persona" you have created, you can identify the main social networks you should use. Always remember to use the necessary social networks, because each one requires a different approach that not all can give incorrect form if the effort is diluted in little transcendental networks for your client.

Optimize your content and also the images.

Perform a review of your profiles created in social networks, optimize the descriptions in the same way that you optimize your content for SEO, add keywords and be aware of the way you include them, obviously, without copying because this will affect your result in the searches.

Another important aspect is the images. Many online stores tend to use the same photos their store and on social networks and do not know that each social network occupies a specific size. In this link you can download an infographic comprising all sizes of images for different social networks that may be relevant to you Infographic.

Social buttons in your online store.

This is more common but still needs to be done. Add buttons so that the content you create and the products you create can be easily shared by visitors, as well as monitor their correct operation constantly since updates are common.

Keep the accounts dynamic and always in your style.

Display quality content, according to what your brand and style want to express. Do not overuse discounts and promotions on social networks, people do not want to see this all day unless you are a coupon indexing webpage. Google rewards the content that has had greater importance in social networks, so do not forget that the content you share must be optimized for SEO.

Do not forget, although it is important to use social networks to show your products, services, brand and other attributes of your company, you should always consider that what you share in social networks now more than ever has significance in the results of searches in Google and other search engines. Search engines are the main source of sales for online stores, so if you improve your SEO in social networks, you will improve your search results and, therefore, improve sales, I promise!