How to use Quora to boost your Business

Build a Strategy for Quora, dedicate some time and resources to it to see the results, it is a tool that provides an array of opportunities including customer support, marketing, generating leads, and building links with industry experts.

How to use Quora to boost your Business

Marketing through social media tools is now a common norm for most businesses, especially the ones based online. And while marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, might be more popular now, marketing on Quora is potentially the way for the Future.

Why? Because with the sheer magnitude of ads people come across on social media there is a chance they will become numb to them. Add to that the recent Facebook scandal, all this suggests that trust on these platforms is at an all-time low, and people have an image of associating spam with a lot of the ads.

Quora gives you an alternative to these social media platforms and can help you in creating a better marketing strategy for your business, practically free of cost. Let us go in detail, understanding the aspects of marketing, generating leads and creating brand awareness on Quora.


What is Quora

Quora is a place to gain and share knowledge. It’s a platform to ask questions and connect with people who contribute with unique insights and quality answers. This empowers people to learn from each other and to better understand the world. -

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using Quora;

  • The ability to ask and answer questions gets users more alert to read and more invested in the information they are reading.

  • The feature of targeting questions to specific Quora users makes it very popular! It is very well segmented, users can search for different topics of interest and seek experts from their respective fields.

  • Create a Blog on Quora.

  • After you publish quality content, you will gain followers which will bring traffic to your website.

  • Generate leads by searching for and answering specific questions being asked about topics related to your business.

  • Use the platform to be informed and learn from others to enhance your own understanding of your specific industry.

  • Increase Brand awareness.

  • Market your business by using Quora ads.

Why Quora

While searching on Google, you must have noticed Quora answers ranking higher, and this is not a surprise, Quora has over 200 million unique visitors per month! It is now available in more languages; Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese to name a few! It has now become a trusted platform for users to get answers!


Quora is unique because it is where businesses have the chance to interact with customers and prospects where they are the ones asking the questions. Unlike other social platforms, it has not been hit by bad publicity or scandalous speculation. As a result, it has seen a fast and stable growth over the years, and the future looks to have more of the same.

Quora has a powerful community, with industry leaders from almost every segment present there. It can be a great way to repurpose your content, you can get new ideas to help you create more appealing content, answering questions directly establishes your authoritative presence and credibility. It is an all in one platform for simultaneously doing marketing, generating leads, creating brand awareness and deliver better customer service.

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Using Quora

There are definite principles to follow when creating an ideal strategy for Quora, however, it is important to realize Quora is not a platform designed specifically for marketing, it is much more than that. While you have the option to see Quora ads by spending money, here we will focus on how to use Quora strategically without spending a dime.

  1. Optimize Your Profile

    To have increased visibility, the first step is to have a great profile, everything from your picture, credentials, and bio should appear professional. Additionally, connect with your Facebook, Linkedin, or Twitter. Make sure your heading describes your most important expertise, it’s what people notice right after your name. In the bio, you can even add links to drive more traffic to your website. You can also create a page for your company by creating a new Topic, this can be a great way to make people start asking and answering questions about your company or product/service. But make sure the company page looks professional, add the logo and create a description that makes a great first impression.

  2. Understand Relevant Topics and Answer Relevant Questions

    Search for relevant topics according to your company, get involved, and research what people are asking about, where you can offer help and solve their problems. Also, you can ask questions, bring them to your company topic, ask people to review your company, and get feedback. By doing all this you start building your company’s presence. Do not waste time on answering questions that are old or irrelevant!

    When you are answering questions on a particular topic that you think matches your brand, check:

    • There are at least 3000 followers on this topic?
    • Most viewed writers have a large number of total views on this topic?
    • Are people active on this topic?
  3. Focus on Quality

    To get your answer to display higher and in the feed, you need to have more upvotes. To get upvotes your answer needs to be informative, easy to read and visually appealing. You have the option to add visuals to your answers like infographics, graphs, pictures etc. It’s not about how long the answer is, it’s more about the quality it has.

    And if a question has already been answered by hundreds of people, do not worry! As long as a large portion of people is viewing the question, you have the opportunity to get upvoted (provided it has value) from those viewers and move your answer towards the top of the feed.

  4. Check Notifications

    Become an active participant in topics related to your business related. Post engaging queries, give helpful answers where you can and when appropriate, add backlinks to the content on your site for additional information, however, it is very important that your content does not become ‘spam’.

  5. Connect with Users

    Quora gives you a great way to build connections not only with experts from your industry but with average users. Staying connected gives you insight into their needs and what questions they have, this way you can answer them directly or even adapt your company to meet needs that you were missing out on before. Therefore, by creating valuable information continuously, you will not only gain followers on Quora but also increase traffic to your website as well.

  6. Review Your Stats

    Quora shows your stats and you should review them regularly to see what worked, where you should prioritize and what is not worth the time. It shows you how many times your answer was viewed, you can check the upvotes on it and review the other answers as well as see what you can improve for the future. Check if you are putting too much text in there or if you have the text and visuals balance right. The questions and the topics that have the most views should be your priority for the future.

  7. Use it for Content Creation (New Ideas/Topics)

    When you read trending questions relevant to your company, ideas begin to flow and you will have new topics to write about in terms of creating content. And once you create content, you won’t just use it for quora, it will help raise the bar for your website as well. Even if people are not making a purchase, they will know the information on your website is useful and they will have you in mind if in the future they want to make a purchase or may recommend others.

  8. Competitor Research

    It is a good platform to study the competition since once you start following a topic you can see all the questions and answers within it. Go through the top answers and see how the competition is connecting with the prospects. You should also search for rival companies and see how they are maintaining their presence on Quora, is there a blog being run for them, are they only focused on answering questions, what type of content are they pushing out. This way, you can compare your strategy to others and see where you can improve.

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