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Configure PayPal Checkout for your online store

Available in more than 200 countries globally and with support for 25 currencies, PayPal is one of the leaders in the field of digital online payments. Paypal Checkout is the premier checkout solution from Paypal, it streamlines the checkout process for buyers and keeps them on the merchants’ site after making a purchase.

See the complete list of countries where PayPal is available

It gives you the flexibility to accept PayPal payments as well as PayPal Credit, a payment option that lets customers pay over time, while you get paid up front (see conditions).



  • With the PayPal Checkout, it is easier for shoppers to pay with their prefered payment option (either credit card or PayPal balance) without leaving your website.

  • Integrated anti-fraud protection, payments sent and received with PayPal are completely secure and confidential, shoppers will have no doubts when making a purchase.

  • No hidden costs, payment processes are completely transparent.

  • Fewer forms and blockages, increased checkout conversion rates.

  • Optimized for use on mobile devices.


  • PayPal has different fees depending on the country/region, to find out the detailed rates for your country, please see the PayPal fee page.

  • PayPal lets you better manage currencies, it supports 25 currencies and provides the Multi-currency functionality, learn more at Paypal Currency Support.


While PayPal does have a presence globally, in some countries it is only available to receive payments. In others, it offers both options, to receive and to send money.

Check details and potential limitations for your country

How to activate or change PayPal settings

  1. Go to your store admin page, click Settings and then click on the Payments section.

    By default, we define your PayPal account email with the default store email. If you already have another PayPal account, you only need to change this email.

  2. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can keep the email you used to create your store. As soon as you receive your first order through the Checkout, PayPal will send you an email that contains a link and instructions to complete your account setup and claim your funds.


    Depending on your configurations, you can also enable purchasing with a credit or debit card.



Card denied?

To see possible scenarios in which a card is denied please refer to PayPal Support.

Why some PayPal accounts can’t receive payments?

Paypal services differ per country and/or per currency. In some cases, one might only be able to send payments, in other cases, they might only be able to receive them. For more on this, please refer to PayPal FAQ.

Do my clients need a PayPal account to buy from my store?

The conditions for having a PayPal account can vary depending on what country the selling and buying are taking place. In order to learn about your specific case, please contact PayPal.

Can I use the same PayPal account as my store, to make a purchase?

No, you cannot have the same PayPal account as your store when making a purchase. Even, if you want to make a test purchase, you will have to use another account.

In which currencies can I sell with PayPal?

PayPal supports only the most popular currencies, like USD, EUR or Brazilian Real. If you plan to sell in Chilean Peso or Icelandic Krone, you’ll have to choose a different payment gateway. Please check all supported currencies at PayPal: Supported credit cards and currencies.

We can add new payment gateways, and are always open to feedback. Please contact us anytime.

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