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Provide a user-friendly experience with our color selector

Customize your store's shopping experience

Accurately represent how each clothing item looks with our color selector, and add different variants, such as size, as you see fit. Boost customer retention by providing relevant information regarding your products, like clothing composition, table of measurements and more.

Provide a user-friendly experience with our color selector

Generate more sales with our smart features

Display frequently bought together products in product pages to entice purchases of more than 1 piece. Take advantage of our smart cross-selling algorithm to recommend other products in the cart page or via email.

Sell your products with the help of your customers

Sell your products with the help of your customers

There's nothing more powerful than a customer review to clear any doubts a person may have regarding a product. The more people review it, the more new visitors will be drawn to see and buy the product.

24/7 Support

Get instant assistance from our support team with anything you may need to efficiently run your cosmetics business.

Payment methods

Securely accept payments and provide a convenient and fast checkout for your customers.

Sales channels

Synchronize your catalog and sell with Google Commerce, Facebook and Instagram, or engage with your customers through WhatsApp Commerce.

Shipping methods

Keep it local or go global: our wide range of shipping methods is suitable for any country or target.

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Frequently asked questions

  1. Create an online store with Jumpseller.
  2. Choose the most suitable theme.
  3. Start adding your clothing products to your website.
  4. Configure your payment methods.
  5. Configure your shipping methods.
  6. Promote your business and start selling!

No! Unlike other e-commerce platforms, with Jumpseller there are no commission fees.

Yes, Jumpseller has a number of chatbots you can add to your website as well as a WhatsApp integration through which your customers can send you messages directly.

Yes, you can import a csv directly on to Jumpseller and all your products will be added at once. Check our support article to learn about the structure your file should have.

Yes! At the end of the checkout the client will be able to track the order delivery in the success page through a map.

You can share your products on Pinterest and people can buy them directly in the platform through Buyable Pins (similar to Instagram Tagged Products). Check our learn article to learn more.

Yes, aside from our native feature you can also use one of our apps.

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