Grow Your Business with Cross-Channel Marketing

Has it ever happened to you that you started to execute your online marketing strategy, opened several communication channels, designed the messages and advertised on different platforms only to observe that they work in a vastly different way? If yes, it is time to learn about cross-channel marketing!

Grow Your Business with Cross-Channel Marketing

With so many ways currently to communicate with your consumers, cross-channel marketing provides an integrated strategy for the most seamless targeted approach. The message is unified and follows a logical journey across all channels for a consistent brand experience.


Why does it benefit you?

While multi-channel marketing spreads the same message across different channels, there is no customisation or integration.

The consistent messaging in cross-channel marketing on the other hand, is beneficial for businesses as it results in higher engagement, and consequently a higher conversion rate. You are able to meet your consumer on every channel they engage with, driving the consumer journey and sustaining their interest.

Not only does this increase the click-rate, but it improves customer loyalty due to reinforced brand experience at every intersection across each channel.

Finally it allows you to better understand your ROI, as you are able to accurately track the metrics and CTA impressions, from which the direct results and success of the marketing campaign can be measured.

How can you use it to your advantage?

Firstly, being with your objective in mind. What is the goal, what results do you want from this marketing campaign?

With that in mind, you can then create a Buyer Persona. It is important to collect as much data as possible from a variety of sources to really understand your consumer. This can include previous purchase history, responses to past campaigns, and browsing history, all of which will provide accurate information of the customer journey.

Next, analyse these KPIs and take note of any recognisable successes or failures. You can then use these analytics and trends to create a personalised, targeted approach with touch points across different channels that align with the consumer’s behaviour.

This process can be repeated so that each new campaign is optimised, continually improving your marketing approach and consequently your relationship with the consumer, which of course, will enable you to grow your business.


Emily Da Silva

Digital Marketing
Emily D'Silva is a digital storyteller and content creator. In addition to creating content for businesses, she also contributes to online international publications on topics focussed around business and marketing, tech innovation, design and culture and sustainable solutions.
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