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Partners Solution

Jumpseller’s Partner solution allows you to rebrand and resell the Jumpseller e-commerce platform to your clients. Under this white-label solution, you can scale your business rapidly and securely.


If you are already a Partner with affiliated stores, you need at least 50 subscribed stores to apply to our white-label features. If you are not a Jumpseller Partner yet, we require a minimum commitment of the equivalent of 50 subscribed stores, as described in the Business Conditions.


Our white-label features include:

  • Add Partner’s Logo in the Jumpseller’s administration panel;

  • Customize Jumpseller’s administration panel in terms of colors (max. 5) and typography to match those of your brand;

  • Change the “Powered by Jumpseller.” phrase in the storefronts to “Powered by Partner Name & Jumpseller.”;

  • Change the storefronts domains from: to something like:;

  • Customize colors and logo in store creation emails.

These are some of the changes that we have considered by default. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to mention them. We will review the feasibility for implementation.

Administration Panel

The administration panel helps you to manage products, orders, customers, payment methods, and more. Once you have defined the colors and fonts, our designers will make the corresponding changes in the administration panel to match the look and feel of your brand. See some examples below:


The Partner must send us their brand logo in an editable format so that our designers can change it in the administration panel, login page, and emails.


We allow third-party branding on emails triggered by our system. Color and logo customization in store creation emails is also available.

Partner Dashboard

Jumpseller provides a dashboard dedicated to the Partner, which lists all the stores associated with them. It contains the following information:

  • Partner link;
  • Number of clicks on the Partner link during the last 30 days;
  • Total stores created;
  • Total stores subscribed;
  • List of stores associated with the Partner.

Jumpseller requires using the Partner link or the API Endpoint to track and recognize a store as referred by the Partner. Stores created outside the standard tracking system will not be considered for business conditions.

Partner API

Our API has specific endpoints for Partners and their Partnered Stores. If you have questions, extension requests, about API development contact us.

Business Conditions

Price Per Plan

We currently offer discounts for referrers who want to promote Jumpseller to a large mass of potential clients. The Partner, instead, can opt to transmit this discount directly to their customers (merchants).

Other discounts or perks cannot be accumulated if this discount system is in place.

To internally track all the stores created and subscribed, the Partner will receive a referral link with the following format:

Prices in the following tables consider a 12-month subscription based on the public pricing you can check online:

Country Currency Pricing URL
Europe EUR
Chile CLP
International USD

As an example, this is the EUR pricing:

From Anual Pro Plan Discount
1 €432.00 0.0%
50 €324.00 25.0%
100 €313.20 27.50%
300 €302.40 30.00%
500 €291.60 32.50%
1000 €280.80 35.00%
2500 €270.00 37.50%
4000 €259.20 40.00%


The price shall be regarded as one of the options set in the Price Per Plan plus VAT, considering the plan of revenue-sharing that shall meet the criteria listed in the table.

The Partner commits to achieve 50 subscribed stores within the first 6 months of the agreement.

Before any white-labeling - or any design or development work - a down-payment equals to the total amount paid by 50 stores should be received by Jumpseller. This down-payment should consider 50 Pro Plans for 6 months: 50 stores * monthly price Pro Plan * 6 months.

This down-payment will be returned - within 6 months of signing the agreement - once the Partner reaches 50 subscribed stores.

In case of any substantial price change, Jumpseller will notify each Partner via email with at least 60 days in advance.

Invoicing and Payment Terms

The deadline for the invoice payment shall be 30 calendar days from the date of receipt. An electronic invoice will be issued monthly based on the information from the Partner Panel. The payment is made via bank transfer.

The invoice should be based on one of the following models:

  • Commission: Jumpseller will be in charge of collecting and processing payments from the customers, and the Partner will issue an invoice;
  • Discount: For partners with more than 250 subscribed stores, the Partner can optionally be in charge of collecting and processing payments form the merchants, and Jumpseller will issue an invoice.

Both commission and discount amounts will be paid after 50 stores complete a subscription plan in the first 6 months of the agreement.


Jumpseller commits to provide services according to the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy available on the platform’s website.

The scope of the work to be performed may be subject to alteration over time. Any changes to the parameters of the initial project, or any additional administrative requests, might be charged if both parties agree.

Service Level

Jumpseller guarantees 95% service availability of the platform. Else, 100% of the current month of subscription payment will be refunded to each customer upon request (in line with AWS SLA).

Customer and technical support are provided, at the same level of service, to all customer bases (service is non-discriminatory).

Description First-Time Reply Service Level Agreement Team Communication Channel
Customer Support 48 hours Level 1 Customer Support
Technical Support 96 hours Level 2 Customer Support

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