Terms and Benefits



  • As a Partner you will be listed on our public Professionals landing page or in our Apps directory if you developed a solution for all our clients.

  • Professionals and Partners are suggested to merchants on our support and marketing channels.

  • Any Professional and Partner is able to use their affiliate link to get a reward for stores subscribed to Jumpseller. Learn more about our affiliate program.

  • Get a 12 months subscription of the Premium plan for the first 5 clients, this benefit will be given prior to launching the app to all customers.

  • Partners are taken into consideration when organizing webinars, events or workshops.

  • Partners will have priority support to solve any question or problem of their customers.

  • Partners have the opportunity to schedule an introductory workshop with Jumpseller.

  • Free demo store for infinite days.

  • Free access to Jumpseller events.

  • The best agency will be featured on a 2 times a year newsletter.

  • One hour of free consultancy with our team of developers, designers or marketeers.


  • Must have 2 stores with positive merchant satisfaction to be listed as Partner or Professional.

  • Must be experienced on web development, web design or digital marketing.

  • Partners should add Jumpseller Logo on their site, with an emphasis on the main landing page or/and partners integrations page.

  • No Partner will have exclusivity over other professionals or agencies.

  • Follow Guidelines to using Jumpseller’s logo and or other Jumpseller product, content and service.

  • Any store forwarded by Jumpseller to the Partner should always be entitled to Jumpseller and no other option should be offered, violation of this may result in removal from the program.

Activities suggested for Partners

  • Work hand in hand with Jumpseller to empower new and current stores.

  • Maintain communication with marketing and support team for possible activities with mutual benefits.

  • Promote Jumpseller for projects regarding eCommerce.

  • Add Jumpseller Logo on your site. Download Logo with PressKit.

If you would like to apply, please do so by filling up the form we would love to have you on board.