Sell from anywhere.

In-person, at events, at physical stores and online.

Create a uniform brand identity. All under one cloud.

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Sell from anywhere Mobile POS
Take your business on the go with you

Take your business on the go with you

Transform your laptop, smartphone or tablet into a powerful POS system.

Streamline your sales process by easily creating orders, adding products to the cart, managing fulfilments and more.

Keep your inventory synchronized

Keep your inventory synchronized

Seamlessly manage in-store and digital orders from a single app. Keep track of your stock levels, and add new products on the go. Stay organised and boost sales.

Let customers spread the word about the quality of your products

Business intelligence on your finger tips

Get insights into your business performance with real-time reports. Monitor sales trends, identify popular products, and make data-driven decisions to drive your business forward.

Easily add new customer profiles

Easily add new customer profiles

Create and manage customer profiles to provide personalized experiences and boost customer loyalty.

No technical knowledge required

Simple to set up! No technical knowledge required

1. Create your store

2. Add products

3. Create orders

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, it works for all plans.

At this time, a barcode scanner is not available inside the app. However, it will be added in one of the next iteration on the Jumpseller POS.

No, the app gets blocked if there is no internet connection.

We currently just have to payment options:
  1. Finish order as paid
  2. Send link to finish order

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