To access these features, go to the Products section of your Admin Panel.


Product List

  • This page shows you a list of the products currently in your online store.


  • You can check their current status, and change it to any one of the following:
    1. Available
    2. Disabled (Does not show up on the store)
    3. Not Available (Shown at the store but is labelled Not Available and cannot be Added to cart)


  • You can select products and place them under categories that you have created. Or you can remove them from their categories, and have them separately listed.

  • By using the Drag and Drop feature, you can list the products in whatever order you like best.

  • You can use Filters to find and list the products more efficiently, as it saves you time and makes managing them simpler.

  • If you click on the checkbox for a particular product, you can use the Actions menu to change its status, move it to a category or to delete it. This can also be done for multiple products or for all products at one.

  • By clicking on a product, you are taken to the product edition page, where you have many options such as:

    • Edit the product name and description
    • Add or remove product Images
    • Manage the product’s categories
    • Get the Direct Buy Links to be used on platform external to you Store
    • Add or edit product properties such as brand, barcode or status
    • Add or edit Shipping Details
    • Manage the product options
    • Manage the product’s variants, attachments and custom fields
    • Manage the product’s search engine listing


  • To create a new product, click on the Create Product button on the top right to be taken to the product creation page. Here you can enter the product details and click Save to confirm.

  • The import and export buttons can be used to import new products to the store or to export your product list to a CSV file or Excel Sheet.


The categories section for your online store looks something like this:


  • This page lists all of your store’s categories, and clicking on a particular category takes you to the editing page for that category.

  • On the editing page for a particular category, you have the following options:

    • Add or edit the category name and description
    • Edit category properties
    • Edit the SEO properties for the category
    • Add or remove an image for the category


  • On the category list, you can use the drag handle on the left to sort your categories as well as customize the hierarchy by creating subcategories or changing the category relationships.

  • Once a category has subcategories, a collapse/expand button will appear in the parent category, allowing you to choose how to view your category list.

  • To delete a category, just click on the delete red icon on the right side.


If you need any further assistance, feel free to contact us.