Products Admin Panel On Your Online Store


Think about what products you want to have on your online store. Do you want to place them in a category? How would you like the products to be organized? Let us take you through the process of managing your catalog using the features available in the products admin panel of your store. To access these features, go to the Products section of your Admin Panel.


  1. Products List Section
    1. Performing an Action on Several Products at the Same Time
    2. Filtering the Products List View
    3. Reordering Products
    4. Importing and Exporting Products
  2. Categories Section
  3. Filters Section

Products List Section

This page shows you a list of the products currently in your online store.

Product List

You can also add a new product using the “Add Product” button.

Add Product

Learn more about how to create and update a product in your store.

Performing an Action on Several Products at the Same Time

If you click on the checkbox for a particular product, you can use the Actions menu to change its status, move it to a category or to delete it. This can also be done for multiple products or for all products at once.


You can select products and place them under Categories that you have created. Or you can remove them from their categories, and have them separately listed.

Learn more about how to manage your store’s product categories

Filtering the Products List View

You can use Filters to find and list the products more efficiently, as it saves you time and makes managing them simpler.

Filter Products List

Reordering Products

By using the Drag and Drop feature, you can list the products in whatever order you like best. This reordering will work for Latest Products and Categories only when the category has it default order set to “Position”.

If you want to reorder your “Featured Products” first filter your Product List and then rearrange the products in the desired position.

Reordering Products

Importing and Exporting Products

You can import products to perform certain actions like a massive update or importing your products from another platform using a CSV file.

You can also export your products in a CSV file.

Import Export Products

Learn more about massive products updates or migrating to Jumpseller.

Categories Section

The categories section for your online store looks something like this:

Product Categories

  • On the category list, you can use the drag handle on the left to sort your categories as well as customize the hierarchy by creating subcategories or changing the category relationships.

  • Once a category has subcategories, a collapse/expand button will appear in the parent category, allowing you to choose how to view your category list.

  • To delete a category, just click on the red icon on the right side that appears when you move the mouse pointer over the category.

Delete Category

Learn more about how to manage your store product categories.

Filters Section

In this section, you will see all the attributes that could be use as filters to improve the search experience of your clients in your store. This attributes are a result of a mix of products options and custom product fields.

Learn more about Product Filters

Products Filters

In this section you can enable / disable the filters you want to show in your store. You can also rearrange their position they are shown in the store by using the drag handle on the left.

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