Create a Navigation Menu for your Online Store

Understanding the navigation options in your online store

Creating a navigation menu for your online store is really simple. Once you have all your products uploaded and categories created then it is time to organize the way that your customers will access them. But first, we recommend you choose your online store theme that fits best with your product or service. Ok, let's see how to do it:

  1. Go to the Admin page and Click on Navigation under Themes in the left sidebar.

  2. On this page you can see the current menu layout for your store.

  3. Alter the position of the elements on the page according to your wishes. Demo

  4. You can create dropdown menus by dragging an item to the right, allowing you to aggregate similar content under the same element.

  5. You can create external links to your blog or direct the visitor to the other pages on your store, like the contact page or any category you have previously created.

  6. Click Save

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