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What size images should I upload on my store?

General Recommendations

We recommend uploading images that are the size of the container they’re filling, this is why we want to help you upload them in a suitable size according to the design you have chosen.

  • For each product you can add as many images as necessary (with a maximum weight: 2 MB).
  • The format of the images should be JPG or PNG.
  • The sizes listed below are in pixels.
  • For product images it is recommended to keep the product in the center of the image leaving some extra space for the adjustments that can make the system for viewing on different devices such as tablet or mobile phones.


Recommended Sizes for Mega:

  • Homepage slider: 730x460px
  • Homepage banners: 510x312px
  • Homepage featured categories: 510x370px
  • Homepage quick links: 250x250px
  • Homepage brand slider: 130x130px
  • Products: 1080x1080px
  • Category image: 1100x500px
  • Blog: 1100x500px
  • Store Logo Header: Maximum with: 200px and height: proportional to the width


Recommended Sizes for Industrial:

  • Homepage slider: 1920x900px
  • Homepage category banners: 350x300px
  • Products: 1080x1200px
  • Category image: 2220x600px
  • Blog: 900x450px
  • Store Logo Header: width: 100px to 300px and height: 70px
  • Store Logo Footer: width: 100px to 255px and height: 100px to 200px


Recommended Sizes for Natural:

  • Homepage slider: 1920x980px
  • Homepage banners: 400x515px
  • Products: 1920x1450px
  • Category image: 1920x550px
  • Blog: 1920x1450px
  • Store Logo Header: width: 100px to 310px and height: 100px to 150px
  • Store Logo Footer: width: 100px to 310px and height: 100px to 150px


Recommended Sizes for Extravagance:

  • Slider: 1900x600px
  • Multiple Slider (with 3 images): 700x800px
  • Banners: Desktop Image: 600x350px / Mobile Image (Optional*): 575x400px
  • Big Banner: Desktop Image: 1110x500px / Mobile Image (Optional*): 575x480px
  • Products: 1500x1900px
  • Blog: 800x500px
  • Brands Slider: 400x250px
  • Footer Background: 1900x600px
  • Store’s Logo: height: 100px / width: 100px to 400px

(*)The images for mobile devices are optional, if you want the mobile version to have different aspect ratios than the desktop version, this is a good option.


Recommended Sizes for Kickstart:

  • Products: 1080x1080px
  • Slide Image: 510x465px
  • Slide Background: 1900x728px
  • Blog: 1400x550px
  • Feature: 90x90px
  • Product Specification: 460x460px (png)
  • Testimonials Logos: 150x150px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 100px to 300px
  • Category Banner: 1200x300px


Recommended Sizes for Kids:

  • Products: 960x750px
  • Home Slider: 1900x700px
  • Blog: 900x450px
  • Banner Small: 1200x700px
  • Banner Large: 1480x410px
  • Our Brands: 300x300px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 100px to 200px
  • Default Header Background: 1920x580px
  • Category Header Background: 1920x580px


Recommended Sizes for Simple:

  • Products: 1280x1280px
  • Home Slider: 1905x800px
  • Blog: 610x400px
  • Banners Home: 240x240px
  • Category: 1140x300px
  • Store Logo: height: up to 150px and Width: up to 300px


Recommended Sizes for Influence:

  • Products: 1140x1520px
  • Home Slider: 1170x500px
  • Blog: 1100x560px
  • Category: 500x200px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px to 150px and width: 100px to 500px


Recommended Sizes for Bundle:

  • Products: 1120x1265px
  • Home Slider: 1290x480px
  • Blog: 580x415px
  • Category: 1290x160px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 100px to 350px


Recommended Sizes for Vintage:

  • Products: 1140x1530px
  • Home Slider: 1600x500px
  • Home Banner: 770x280px
  • Blog: 700x392px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 150px to 200px


Recommended Sizes for Modern:

  • Products: 720x920px
  • Home Slider: 1900x800px
  • Blog: 720x500px
  • Store Logo: height: 75px and width: 75px to 120px

In the Modern Template you get to choose between having a slider or a still image.
You can change this in Theme Options.


Recommended Sizes for Premium:

  • Products: 1320x900px
  • Home Slider: Use the image of the Featured Products
  • Blog: 900x250px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 100px to 500px


Recommended Sizes for Megami:

  • Products: 2000x2200px
  • Home Slider: 1900x600px
  • Home Banner: 950x627px
  • Blog: 750x500px
  • Category image: 2280x1000px
  • Partner Logos: 260x200px
  • Store Logo: height: 75px and width: 75px to 300px
  • Slider image layout wide = 1900x600px
  • Slider image layout boxed = 1140x550px
  • Image with text component = 560x370px


Recommended Sizes for Astrid:

  • Products: 940x1290px
  • Home Slider: 1900x750px
  • Home Banner: 790x420px
  • Blog: 1245x748px
  • Category: 1290x160px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 100px to 300px


Recommended Sizes for Bootstrap:

  • Products: 1080x1350px
  • Home Slider: 1900x480px
  • Category image: 2220x600px
  • Blog: 1100x560px
  • Store Logo: height: 50px and width: 150px to 300px


Recommended Sizes for Cupcakes:

  • Products: 1200x1200px
  • Home Slider: Use the featured products photo
  • Blog: 970x540px
  • Store Logo: height: 75px and width: 80px to 300px


Recommended Sizes for Classic:

  • Products: 1200x1200px
  • Home Slider: 900x300px
  • Blog: 820x530px
  • Category: 970x230px
  • Store Logo: height: 75px to 150px and width: 100px to 300px


Recommended Sizes for Core:

  • Products: 1800x1200px (leave the product centered)
  • Home Slider: 900x320px
  • Blog: 900x570px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 100px to 300px


Recommended Sizes for Novus:

  • Products: 1320x908px
  • Home Slider: 1170x500px
  • Blog: 820x570px
  • Category: 970x200px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px to 150px and width: 100px to 300px


Recommended Sizes for Collage:

  • Products: 1560x2480px
  • Blog: 800x490px
  • Store Logo: height: 100px and width: 100px to 300px


  • Product images: 1210px (width) x 1210px (height).
  • Store Logo: will be displayed in a maximum of 50px of height and a proportional width. We recommend upload the image in double size or more of height (at least 100px of height) to improve the retina display visualization.
  • Category image: it will be displayed in different sizes depending of the layout:
    • Default Category or Main Category layouts: in these cases, the image of the category will be displayed as a background of the title in the top of the page, so it only will display a part of the image.
    • Brands layout: is this layout, the images will be displayed full size and square.
    • In the 3 layouts we recommend to use square proportional images, they can be 1000px (width) x 1000px (height) and they will be properly displayed in all cases.

Recommended Sizes for Components:

  • Slider Component
    • Slider Desktop Size: 2048px (width) x 1024px (height).
    • Slider Mobile Sizes: 960px (width) x 1200px (height).
  • Banner Component
    • Banner Size (Desktop and Mobile): 570px (width) x 878px (height).
  • Categories Component
    • Category Block Icon: 50px (width) x 50px (height).
    • Category Block Background Image - Depend of your content. You can use a pattern or full image. Keep it simple.
  • Logos slider Component
    • Logo sizes: We recommend a maximum of 220px of width. Proportional height as soon as you wish to show.
  • Testimonial Component
    • Author Image: 50px (width) x 50px (height).

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