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Stay in touch with your customers using the Facebook Live Chat App! You will be readily available to your customers at all times and respond to any of the questions they might have.

facebook live chat

How to install?

  1. Go to your Store’s Admin panel > Apps > Facebook Live Chat.

    apps install
  2. Install the app and give the required permissions so that it can work in your store.

  3. Once you authorize the app to be installed you have to configure it. Log in to your Facebook Account (Facebook Page of your business), select your page and give permission to Jumpseller.

    facebook login facebook continue facebook page permission
  4. Go to your page in Facebook > Settings > Advanced Messaging and paste the URL of your store in the field indicated in the image:

    advanced messaging store url

That’s it! now you have a chat service that will boost your sales and customer service.


Does the chat work on mobile devices?

No, the App doesn’t display the chat on mobile devices, only on the desktop version of the website.

Can I use the app on my normal Facebook profile?

No, you must have a Facebook page for your company or store. If you do not have one, you can still see how a Facebook page is created on your site (First you must have a Facebook account).

Do I have to know how to program to install it?

No, there is no need to make code here, we made it very simple so you do not have to make any difficult or boring steps.

Any other tips with regards to Live Chat and customer service?

Yes, we have an article that talks about assistance and also mentions live chats.

If you have more questions about the app we will be happy to help you at any time, just contact us on our support channel.

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