Design Tools

Canva - Available for: Ipad y Web (Free)


It is a loaded tool with enough features and easy-to-use features where anyone can create a variety of attractive content. It is ideal for any entrepreneur, this service includes templates of all kinds that you can use both in your virtual store and also to design material such as flyers, stickers, brochures, etc ... Like Jumpseller, you choose a theme and then customize it to your liking .

Adobe Spark - Available for: Android, iOS y Web (Free and Subscription required)


As Canva is a platform that allows you to edit photos or make attractive graphics, unlike Canva, it is aimed at digital media. Choose a format depending on the social network you want to use and then edit predesigned art or you can create one of 0. It is an ideal tool for the businessman who has a strong presence in social networks or works from his cell phone, exact, works perfectly from the cell phone.
With the Spark app you can work from your iPhone or Android, just use your fingers to achieve the best design you will share in your newsletters or banners.

Jumpseller Image Editor

To make small changes to the photos you edit you can use the jumpseller editor, anywhere you see the loading of images you can edit the photos. Thought to correct details such as brightness, size, colors, contrast, filters etc ...


Stock Photos

Shutterstock - Web (Subscription required)


One of the leaders in image banks worldwide, you can get all kinds of images. The way it works is that you pay for the subscription or a certain number of images and you have the rights to download it as many times as you need.

Pixabay - Web (Free and also Paid options)


This is a giant, a good part of the photos are free, some are indicated as pay, you can pay for each picture you go down (on demand). It has photos of Shutterstock available from the same portal.

Unsplash - Web (Free)


This portal allows the use of all your images of excellent graphic and photographic quality. It is highly recommended by us in Jumpseller because its photos are excellent and the interface is very easy to navigate. This does not have as much variety as the previously mentioned but that does not make it less interesting and the best part is that all the images are free.

Unsplash has usually very heavy photos due to its dimensions, we recommend that the images be reduced to make them as light as possible and your store loads instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the recommended sizes for the photos and banners of my theme?

    Check the ideal size of your topic in our dedicated article. It is very important that you base yourself on these instructions to avoid cutting and distorting the photos in products and banners.

  • I need a professional to do the work, I do not have time, I do not like how my arts are, how do I do it?

    We have a list of professionals "Professionals" that can help you create the graphic part of your site, as well as help you with web design. Quote and analyze your best option!

  • What is the ideal weight for photos in Jumpseller?

    Easy, as light as possible without sacrificing the quality of it. The idea is not that your images are pixilated, nor is it necessary for them to weigh more than 1mb. The weight of the photos can drastically affect the loading time of your site.

If you have any doubt with all this, feel free to get in touch.