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Jumpseller offers local payment and shipping options to help you increase sales and easily manage your online store.

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Top 8 reasons why merchants are choosing Jumpseller over Wix

Your Branding

No matter what plan you subscribe, you will not have the frustration of having ads on your website. Shape your brand the way you want your bring your ideas to life.

Don’t Get Stuck with One Template

You have the possibility to change the theme even after you have selected one, you don't have to be stuck with one Template forever!

Our themes are highly customizable, add as much as 10 menus, easily edit the HTML code in our code editor. Shape your store according to your needs!

Enhanced SEO

Want a high quantity of organic traffic? Jumpseller stores have built-in SEO functionality that let you configure important details that can help you rank higher!

Unlike other platforms, Jumpseller does not change image file names into something which is not SEO-Friendly! Which is an advantage when it comes to ranking higher. Remember that Google doesn’t really care if your button looks nice, it cares about the details!

More language options for you and your customers

Truly sell anywhere in the World! Make a better impression on visitors by having your store in their local language and have the admin panel in the language you feel comfortable working with.

Most platforms only offer support a few Languages, with Jumpseller you can use any language! Be it on the storefront or on the admin panel. You can add languages as you grow your business.

Local Payment and Shipping Options

Integrated with popular local payment and shipping options, making it easier to grow your online business! Self-management and automated invoicing! With Jumpseller, your customers get a seamless e-commerce experience.

Skrill Stripe Paypal Hipay
More Promotional Options

More Promotional Options

Promotions are another area of strength for Jumpseller over its competitors. It allows you to run simultaneous promotions, while in the alternative options to create promotions are very limited, it's impossible in Wix to run cumulative promotions.

No Robots

We go after customer satisfaction, not just customer support. A fast response time, multi-language and round the clock support means our customers never feel helpless!

More Suitable for E-commerce

We have the complete package for E-commerce business, integrated Fulfillment options, Order Tracking, Stock Management and much more.

Jumpseller offers, unlimited storage space on all plans, other platforms have often limited storage space, depending on the plan you subscribed too!

To help you sell faster and create brand awareness, we have apps that you can use to integrate Facebook, Google Commerce, Instagram and other popular platforms to target a wider audience.

Facebook Mailchimp Google Tag Manager Paypal Google Shopping Instagram WhatsApp

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