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Integrate Mercadolibre with a Jumpseller store

Automatic sync

Don't worry about stock differences. Just by installing the application you will be able to link your products already created in Mercadolibre with your Jumpseller products and in this way your inventory will remain unified to facilitate operations.

Centralize sales statistics

All sales on MercadoLibre generate an order on Jumpseller to centralize sales statistics in one place.

Integrate Mercadolibre with a Jumpseller Store

Make your business multichannel

Increase the opportunities to sell your products

By having them in both Jumpseller and MercadoLibre. You get brand positioning with Jumpseller and in turn, you reach the MercadoLibre audience. You get the best of both worlds to benefit your business sales.

No need for a developer

Forget about everything technical. With a couple of clicks you install and link the app to work in perfect harmony with MercadoLibre, forget about updates, installations and additional costs that you have to pay to third parties, we take care of everything technical.

Make your business Multichannel

Frequently asked questions

If you have a few products, the easiest way would be to create the products you have on Jumpseller in your eBay account and then use the one-to-one linking tool as shown above.
For a bulk export of products, check our export guide.

We have an excellent integration with MercadoLibre that allows you to increase prices by a percentage in MercadoLibre to cover the cost in commission. Start creating your products on MercadoLibre by following this guide.

If you are subscribed to the Plus plan or above, the app is free.

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