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Core is a Jumpseller template designed and based around the concepts of simplicity and minimalism.

With this template you can find the perfect balance between beauty and the professionalism to present your store to your clients.

The main slideshow requires wide images for a better presentation of your products, showing them in all its plenitude.

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Fully Responsive Template

A responsive theme is designed to adjust itself to the available screen size.

As products are now sold across many types of devices we have designed Core to fully fit any type of screen.

Core adapts itselft perfectly to Tablets and Mobile devices. On your mobile you can scroll down the page and have all the store's products at your fingertips.

On a computer you'll see three products per row, on a Tablets will find two and on a smartphone will be just one product per row.

Ecommerce Template
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Ecommerce Theme
Home page with a wide slideshow. Product Page with a landscape product image.

Landscape Product Images

Get the best of your product’s images through landscape style presentations.

With Core we want you to optimize the presentations of the products to your clients using wide images highlight the details of your products.

At your Home page you will see a landscape shaped 'Slideshow' where you present your featured products.

At each individual Product page your main product's images will be displayed with a wide landscape shaped image.

Theme Gallery Images

Tip to best place your gallery's product images.

Images are automatically cropped, to fit the ideal squared dimensions needed on this Theme.

Try to choose images with a balanced width and height, so that most attractive part of the product are kept well centered after the crop.

Online Store Template
Note: The framed portion of the image is the displayed image at your store.

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