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In today’s competitive online landscape, reaching customers across multiple channels is crucial. Product feeds are dynamic data streams that act as your product ambassadors, showcasing your offerings on platforms like Amazon, Pinterest, and beyond. Jumpseller’s XML FeedBuilder simplifies this process, unlocking new sales potential.

What are Product Feeds

An XML product feed is a file format used for sharing product information between different eCommerce systems, websites, or online marketplaces. It includes:

  • Product name and description: Captivate buyers with clear information.
  • Images: Showcase your products in high-quality visuals.
  • Price and stock availability: Provide transparency to avoid customer disappointment.
  • Additional attributes: Include details like brand, category, and shipping costs.

Product attributes are added using “Tags”. Tags are the data from the products in your store, once you generate a feed, these tags will be replaced by the actual values.

Why Product Feeds Matter

Product feeds allow your products to be showcased on various shopping channels, attracting buyers with accurate details and enticing descriptions. Benefits include:

  • Enhanced visibility: Reach a wider audience and attract new customers.
  • Improved data accuracy: Maintain accurate product information across all channels.
  • Cost-effective advertising: Target specific audiences, reducing irrelevant ad spend and boosting ROI.

Jumpseller’s product feeds power your presence on a variety of popular platforms, connecting your products with potential buyers in diverse marketplaces.

Comparison Shopping Engines

Imagine your products standing shoulder-to-shoulder with competitors on Google Shopping. Optimized product feeds ensure accurate pricing, detailed descriptions, and high-quality images, influencing customer purchase decisions on these powerful comparison platforms.


Expand your reach by listing your products on giants like Amazon or niche marketplaces like Etsy. With tailored product feeds, your offerings seamlessly integrate into these bustling marketplaces, tapping into their established customer base and generating new sales opportunities.

Social Media Shopping

Social media isn’t just for browsing anymore. Platforms like Tiktok offer targeted advertising options like Product Ads, powered by your product feeds. Showcase your products directly in users’ feeds, enticing them to discover your store and make a purchase.

Beyond the Big Names

The power of product feeds extends beyond popular platforms. You can connect with targeted audiences on:

  • Industry-specific B2B marketplaces: Reach relevant businesses and buyers with feeds tailored to your niche, whether you’re selling equipment in a hardware marketplace or unique materials in a craft supplies platform.
  • Local shopping directories: Put your products on the map with localized feeds for regional directories. Attract customers searching for your offerings in their area, driving foot traffic and boosting local sales.
  • Affiliate marketing networks: Partner with bloggers and influencers in your niche who can promote your products through their established audience. Product feeds provide them with the necessary information to showcase your offerings effectively, leading to valuable referral traffic.

Remember, the sky’s the limit! With Jumpseller’s XML FeedBuilder and your creativity, you can leverage product feeds to connect with potential customers across a vast array of channels, maximizing your reach and driving your e-commerce success.

How to use the FeedBuilder App

  1. Choose a Template: Start with pre-built templates for various platforms.

    Feed Templates Dropdown
  2. Edit Your Feed: Customize templates with relevant product data Tags using drag-and-drop editing (check target platform documentation to know what fields are required).

    Edit XML Section in XML Feed Builder
  3. Preview Your Feed: After you are done editing you can preview the result on the “Preview Feed” button.

  4. Save and Generate: If you are happy with your result before hitting “Save”, either change the name on the field “Feed title” to create a new feed or keep it the same to update the one you selected.

    Feed Title and Save Options
  5. See Feed: To use it, all you have to do is select an “Existing Feed” and then click on “See Feed”

    Feed Title and Save Options
  6. Use Your Feed: Connect your feed with your chosen platform using the unique URL. Copy the URL and paste it onto the designated field on the target platform. This feed will now be updated every time a product is changed, added or deleted!

    See Feed Button

Existing Tempaltes in our Feed Builder

The Feed Builder by Jumpseller offers a variety of templates to cater to different platforms and services. Templates will make your work easier since they are already tested and in use by other merchants. Each template is designed to meet the specific feed requirements of its respective service, ensuring seamless product listings and optimal performance. Here’s an overview of the current templates available:


This template is tailored for integration with KuantoKusta, a popular price comparison website in Portugal. It’s designed to format your product feed according to KuantoKusta’s specifications, enabling consumers to compare your products alongside competitors on the platform.


The Pinterest template is perfect for showcasing your products on this visual discovery engine. It allows you to tap into the platform’s unique shopping features, including buyable pins, ensuring your products are discoverable in a format that encourages engagement and drives sales through visual appeal.


Aimed at wine sellers, the Vivino template helps list your wine products on the world’s largest wine marketplace and community. The template ensures that all relevant wine information, such as vintage, region, and grape varietals, is clearly presented, making it easier for wine enthusiasts to find and purchase your offerings.


¿Are you a supplier of 3M products? This template is crafted for businesses that supply products of 3M so when customer search on the 3M website they will see a link to your online store.


As one of the most comprehensive templates, the Amazon feed template is designed to integrate seamlessly with Amazon’s vast e-commerce platform. It helps sellers list their products effectively on Amazon, ensuring that all necessary product details, from ASINs to EANs, are included for Amazon’s marketplace.

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