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PedidosYa - Envíos

You can add the PedidosYa - Envíos integration to your store if your online store is set to a Chilean address.

How to Configure

1. Go to PedidosYa - Envíos website and create an account for the courier API.

2. Once you have finished the registration on PedidosYa courier API you can begin the setup on your Jumpseller Store

3. Go to your store’s administration area at /admin.

4. Go to settings > shipping.

settings shipping

5. Select PedidosYa from the list available and click on “Add”.

select pedidos ya

6. Add the credentials that were given by PedidosYa - Envíos (client_id, client_secret, username and password).

add credentials

7. Select the region and municipality of origin for your orders.

select region and municipality

8. Lastly, click on Save and you are done.

How to use PedidosYa on Checkout Process

PedidosYa is only availble for checkout v2 on Jumpseller and it’s usage is similar to Pickup Methods.

Important: PedidosYa’s shipping method requires an address and a telephone number in order to be used. So you will have to enable the telephone field on admin > settings > checkout screen. This also means that price estimation will not be available at the shopping cart screen for this shipping method.

1. If you are using Shipping and Pickup options in your store, then your clients will have to select the ‘Delivery’ shipping option.

click on delivery

2. Fill a valid chilean address.

3. If PedidosYa - Envíos has any available couriers and the address you entered is within their delivery routes, then a delivery estimation will be presented.

shipping estimation

4. Finish the order as any other regular order.

5. Once you have finished placing your order you will be shown the success screen with a map on it. Below the map there will be a timeline for the delivery process, which will be updated as the merchant and courier add new details about the order fulfilment.

order success map

6. You can now go to your administration area and set your order to ‘In Preparation’ status to signal the start of the fulfilment process.

in preparation

7. Once you have all products ready to be handed to the courier you can click on ‘Ready to Pickup’.

ready to pick up

8. Once the courier picks-up the items at your address the timeline below the order map on the order success page will receive an update signalling the pickup.

success map updated

9. The courier will make more updates for the order delivery until the order reaches the client.

10. The order reaches its destination.

order has arrived

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