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Integrating fulfillment with Jumpseller

Fulfillment Companies, also known as logistics companies can be integrated with Jumpseller. The typical webservices of these companies are:

  • Pricing Estimation (merchant requests prices according distance + weight + volume)
  • Creating Shipping Labels (which have a code bar with the embedded tracking code)
  • Creating Shipping Manifests (a list of labels which will be signed by both the merchant and logistics company, and works as a binding agreement between them)
  • Tracking Status updates (shipping status changes from in_transit to delivered).

As of now, Jumpseller has fulfillment integrations in Chile and Portugal.


If you want to integrate an logistic company system with your store, here is what you need:

  • A Jumpseller store. After the store creation email to request a developer account for an unlimited trial.
  • An fulfillment service with an API and the credentials for the API (normally the communication is via XML or JSON);
  • Technical knowledge in programming software to integrate both systems;
  • The integration code, typically running on an external server, managing the communication between the store and the fulfillment service. We will call this code the App.


The typical flow between the two systems is:

  • A new order is created in the Jumpseller store;
  • The Jumpseller’s store informs the App of this new sale, passing a JSON with the order’s information via a webhook. The App lists several orders;
  • For each Order, the App will allow one or more Shipping Labels to be created by requesting that creation to the Fulfillment Service;
  • (optional) The App will allow combining several Labels inside a Manifest;
  • The App will periodically (p.e. every 3 hours) request status updates from the Fulfillment Service and update the order.shipping_status, via Jumpseller API
  • And finally, to offer price estimations, review our technical documentation. Estimates have an unique ID, order.order_metadata.rate_id in the order information can be used to match the estimation.


The integration code can be written in any given language, capable of processing JSON data. This integration code has to be hosted on your own web-server and will handle the communication between the store and the fulfillment service.
When this is done we recommend you to publish your integration, as an App, to all Jumpseller merchants. This will improve your work visibility and will be easier for new merchants to install and start using your integration.


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