On Jumpseller you can use several Payment Gateways including PayPal or Moneybookers. In this tutorial we explain how you can easily set up DineroMail in your own store.

Founded in 2003 DineroMail is the Internet Payment Gateway leader in Latin America, supporting payments in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Let's imagine we want to start accepting payments on our Chilean store on DineroMail. On DineroMail there is no setup fee but, operating in Chile, we should consider some costs. Most part of those costs are related with a 6.49% sales commission fees for transactions with services as Ripley, Presto Card, credit cards, or Servipag, 3.57% on commission.

You can have an overview of DineroMail ’s costs on their cost page.

Jumpseller is a official partner of DineroMail. This partnership allows you to enable this payment gateway on your store without any development effort and get premium support from DineroMail ’s team (always refer you are a Jumpseller client when contacting them).

Set Up

Create an account on DineroMail: to add DineroMail to your store you have to first create an account. If you already have created an account please move on to the second step. In order to register on DineroMail, you just have to click on "Registrate" (top menu) and then provide all information needed to prove your identity or business registration.

Sign up on DineroMail

If DineroMail approves your account, you will then receive an email with all the instructions needed to activate your account.

Add DineroMail Payment Gateway to Jumpseller:

  1. Go to login area by clicking on "Entra"
    Go to login area

  2. Login into your DineroMail account: insert your Email / Password and click on "Ingressar":
    Login Area

  3. Copy your account number ("Número de Cuenta"):
    Account Number

    To configure DineroMail on Jumpseller you have to use the first 7 digits of your account number. For example, use 0112222 and not 0112222/3 as it is usually represented in this number

  4. We need to setup IPN so the status of the orders are updated automatically after a customer makes a payment with DineroMail.

    Go to Configuración IPN: DineroMail Account

    Add your IPN URL (http://www.mystore.com/checkout/dineromail/ipn), choose an IPN password, check Habilitar IPN and save: DineroMail IPN

  5. On Jumpseller confirm that your store country is set correctly (Brasil/Chile/Argentina/Mexico): Go Admin Panel > Settings > General:
    Store's Country

  6. Add DineroMail as an payment option at Admin Panel > Settings > Payments:
    Add DineroMail

  7. Insert your account number, DineroMail Account country and IPN password set on step 2.4. Click on Save:
    Insert your account number & save

With a couple of steps you will be ready to get payments from DineroMail in your online store. If you have any further question about this topic or have a suggestion for another one, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Account Validation

In order to active your DineroMail’s account in Chile you have to provide by email to validacion.cl@dineromail.com the following information, depending of the type of account:

Individual Account (single RUT)

  • Identity card on both sides.

  • Statement of account in his name containing Dineromail account registered address (proof of address).

Statement containing his name has Dineromail registered address (proof of address).

  • Note of sale, purchase order, packing list, invoice or bill of the product marketed by Dineromail.

  • Initiation of activities (SII).

  • URL

  • Brief description of the products and services you are selling

Account from a company registered in Chile

  • Company's RUT

  • Identity Certificate Legal Representative sides.

  • Header cartola company bank.

  • Statement on behalf of the company registered address containing Dineromail account. (proof of address).

  • Constitution of society.

  • Note of sale, purchase order, packing list, invoice or bill of the product marketed by Dineromail.

  • Initiation of activities (SII).

  • URL of website

  • Brief description of the products or services it sells

Once the documentation is received, DineroMail will contact you by email within 48 to 72 hours, confirming the status of the validation.

If you have any further any question regarding account activation contact DineroMail directly:

Juan Ljubetic Godoy // Business Development
Av. Vitacura 2670, Piso 15
Las Condes Santiago Chile
(+56) 02 820 43 59 // 78883389