Create a Corporate Email with G Suite

Steps to configure your email

G Suite previously known as Google Apps is a platform for hosting custom emails for your business. The drawback of G Suite compared to Zoho is that there is no free plan. The process of setting up the email and domain is quite straight forward and in this article we take you through all the steps.


  1. Configure G Suite
  2. How to add a Custom URL for a G Suite Service

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Configure G Suite

  1. The setup wizard in G Suite is very easy to follow and when you start the process you have to provide some information about your business such as Name, Location, Employees and your Email.

  2. Once you have filled out the basic information, then it asks you about your domain, now either you can purchase a domain on the spot or you can use one you already own for example

  3. Next you come to the section where you can add people to your G Suite account as seen below. GS-STEP-3

  4. This is the crucial step of verifying your Domain. Now this can be done via adding a meta tag, uploading a HTML file, or adding a CNAME or TXT to your domain DNS settings. But the simplest way is by adding a meta tag. All you have to do is copy the meta tag into your homepage.

    In this example the domain was created on Jumpseller and it is :


    Now go to the admin section of your jumpseller site, which should be the following:


    Go to the side bar under themes and click on “Code Editor”, and paste the meta tag on the "Layout" block as show below:


    Now go back to the G Suite wizard and click on “I added the meta tag to my homepage”.

  5. Next step is to edit the DNS settings of your domain. For this step you need to go to the Domains section on your store backend: GS-Step-5

    Once you have done that, go back to the G Suite wizard and click “I have opened the control panel for my domain”.

  6. Now the wizard should give you information about MX records. There should be a table as following: GS-Step-6

    Go back to the MANAGE DNS page on your control panel and click on “CREATE RECORD SET” at the top.

  7. Select MX-Mail Exchange from the “Type” section as follows:


  8. In the “Value” section on the MANAGE DNS page paste exactly this:



  9. On TTL type 3600:


    Once done, click on “Create” to Finish.

  10. Now go back to the G Suite wizard and click “I created the new MX records”. It can take about 72 hours for the settings to update. Once you have saved the MX records, click on VERIFY DOMAIN AND SET UP EMAIL, this will take some time and once it is finished your process is complete.

How to add a Custom URL for a G Suite Service

To make it easy for users to find your core G Suite services, you can create a custom URL to each service.

If you purchased your domain from a Google partner during the G Suite sign-up process, you do not need to create custom addresses for your Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sites and Groups for Business services. Google has customized these addresses for you already!

If you do not have a domain from a Google partner, you can use the following Guide from Google to get a custom URL for your G Suite service.

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