Have you had the feeling that the ads of a certain product follow you again and again when you visit Facebook? Facebook apparently reads our minds (and our search history) to convince future buyers of the incredible properties of that item that they did not buy the first time around. The million dollar question is how to do the same for your company and products with just one click. The answer is Facebook Pixel.

facebook pixel 1

What is Facebook Pixel?

If you already have a Facebook page to promote your products, or you are planning to create a page and attract potential customers, Facebook Pixel is the right tool for you. Based on the idea of remarketing, Facebook Pixel will help you measure how many users have visited your web page, completed a form for newsletters or registration on your page, which ones have added your products to the shopping cart and who have purchased your products. This will help to decide which products or campaigns you want to boost as the public will be directed, your budget and future profits.

Remarketing... And what is that?

Before we can talk about promoting of our products, it is important to clarify some concepts. The idea behind remarketing is that you can reach your potential clients directly with specific products, based on the previous visits that those potential customers have made to your Jumpseller website. Facebook Pixel will follow up and suggest to those undecided buyers that our products are still available to them. This is how Amazon, Zappos, Groupon and other pages manage to reach their clients, who after having visited and browsed on their sites, they are tempted again when they enter Facebook.

magic toy

And how I do it?

Is your page in Jumpseller ready to shine on the Internet? One of the first steps before launching yourself fully with Facebook Pixel is to ensure that your website is ready to promote your products and services. Jumpseller offers an incredible range of alternatives to turn your website into an attractive platform. If you have doubts about how to further enhance the display of your online site do not hesitate to ask us by clicking on this link. The next step will be to create an account on Facebook Business (if you do not have one already).

business manager

Once you have created your Facebook Business account, you will have access to Business Manager, which is basically the control panel of your Facebook account. To access Facebook Pixel you must click on the upper left, then click on Pixel under the Events Manager menu, as the image shows.

business manager setup

When setting up pixel, you must choose a name that is related to your page and the product you want to promote. Facebook will generate a unique pixel identifier that will allow you to track users who see your ads. Then you will have two options to install pixel on your Jumpseller website. You can install it yourself or send an e-mail to our web developers. pixel-code

pixel code

Pixel is basically an HTML code that must be inserted (CTRL + c and CTRL + v) in the web page that you have created through Jumpseller. This is done only once and can be installed on more than one web page.

pixel code 2

There is no need for you to have programming or HTML knowledge, so relax and enjoy your new clients. In addition, Facebook offers multiple tutorials such as this practical video and help for ads that will guide you so you can increase your sales.

My Pixel is ready... what do I do now?

Once Pixel is installed on the website that you created through Jumpseller and everything is ready to create your ads, you can choose if you want to promote your company through standard advertisement (the pixel code has been installed on the website) and a default event has been inserted) or custom advertisement (a specific URL is the one you want to track). Either way, Jumpseller developers can help you.

Another important step is to know how you can access your ads. For this you must click on Ad Manager. Here you will have the option to create your ads where you can select the options of: Recognition (improve the recognition of your brand), Consideration (find potential customers for your business), and Conversions (increase your company's sales). Conversions is perhaps one of the most important options offered by Facebook Pixel, as it will help you measure the number of users who click on your ads (standard or customized) and the associated costs. For example, imagine that your company is selling a product for $10. Each click associated with your ads costs $2. A total of 200 users who have clicked, completed only 20 sales (you earned $200). In other words, to make a profit of $200 you have had to invest $400 in ads that has left you with a loss of $200 dollars. You are spending more than you are really earning. Conversions help you keep track of your budget and expenses, which will allow you to modify your ads and the type of audience you want to reach.

Similarly, Facebook can optimize your campaign by posting your ad on the wall of potential customers who have interacted with your website, whether they have already purchased any of your products, have left a product in the shopping cart or simply visited your website with Pixel installed

If you still have questions about conversions, you can visit Facebook for companies.

How do I know that my Pixel is promoting my products?

Once you have created your Pixel and choose which will be the type of users your ad is going to be directed to, you have the possibility to see the results on Ad Manager, where you can see what your active / finished campaigns are, how many visits your page had thanks to the announcement posted on Facebook, the scope, the cost, the amount spent versus your budget and the date your ad will end.